Koi Pond Services

Koi Pond Maintenance: Koi & Things offers the best pond care services on Long Island. Let us do all the "dirty work" for you, so you can simply sit back and enjoy your pond. However, we DO NOT maintain ponds that are too small and/or poorly constructed (we will ask a few questions about the size of the pond and how it was constructed to determine the overall health of the pond). On a biweekly basis, we will provide water testing to ensure optimal electrolyte balance for your koi. We also perform filter cleaning and offer medical treatment if your koi should become ill. Seasonal maintenance starts at $1,250 (for details please call). On a monthly or biweekly basis we will perform the following tasks:

  • Check water level
  • Check water quality
  • Add necessary elements to pond for optimum water quality and for koi appearance
  • Backwash and clean filter system
  • Treat pond/koi for parasites and other aliments
  • Fix minor plumbing leaks if necessary
  • Open and winterize pond
  • Provide net to cover the pond
  • Recommendations

  • Koi Pond Construction Services:

    Building a pond is a complex and time-consuming undertaking.  There is much more involved with building a pond than digging a hole, installing a liner, and filling it up with water. There are many things to consider prior to the completion of a successful, balanced pond. These include water filtration, ease of maintenance, and the finished look of your pond. Properly built koi ponds are not cheap. There is a big difference in building a koi pond compared to building a water feature. Properly built koi ponds will always have at least one bottom drain (always connected to the external filter system to constantly remove dirt, debris, and to convert koi waste), an aeration system (incorporated into the drain), an external filter, a UV system to control algae, and no rocks in the pond. This is where cost can become an issue for some. Unfortunately, the alternative for some is to go with a water feature with rocks at the bottom and stocked with koi. Within a short period of time, this install becomes a major headache due to the lack of filtration, build quality, and support from inexperienced builders. Pond construction should never be spontaneous or rushed, it should be well-planned and methodical. We offer many dynamic, pond plans that fit any budget or size of land. However, we strongly recommend building a pond with a volume of at least 2500 gallons. Complete, pond packages start at $7,500. We will emphasis the following during the pond, construction process:

  • Pond size/volume
  • Excavation
  • The incorporation of bottom drains
  • System flow rates
  • Complete filtration balance
  • Koi
  • Plants
  • Quality
  • For more information or to receive a brochure showing our current pond project, please email us: pondcare@kointhings.com or Chat Now